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  • Jean Derespina

Left Brain/Right Brain – Yin/Yang

Last fall I started working with my sister.

She’s an amazing artist 🎨 and I’m a successful marketer, 📊 so we combined our talents. Today she’s selling her hand-painted silk scarves on her Etsy shop and at a few local merchants.

We’re always talking (to anyone who will listen to us) about each of our strengths. I love analytics, Sudoku and spreadsheets. I’m tech savvy and the grammar police. Marianne thrives with any art form, and she’s created some hauntingly beautiful women’s portraits as well as murals, watercolors, ceramics, and of course wearable art. Left brain, right brain.

Today I was relaxing with a book I pulled out of my personal library, The Element by Ken Robinson. It was published in 2009 and it’s something I picked up along the way but never read. It encourages finding your passion, and it faults US education’s standardized tests and the concept of IQs with boxing us into an unrewarding (professional) life. I’m about halfway through the book, and with every page I’m reminded how, regardless of what we say, Marianne and I are not allowing ourselves to be individually boxed into any quadrant – even though our experiences growing up – particularly in school – attempted to label us at every turn.

This summer we’re turning 61 and 59 (I’m older). Is it too late to discover my creativity? Can Marianne learn to run a business? No, and you bet. It’s happening already, and Marianne’s Lotus Pond Art business is the catalyst. We’re bouncing ideas off each other, challenging each other, inspiring each other. Growing.

I love my business. The Marketing Gig is stimulating and fun. But being a marketer inherently requires me to be constantly learning. It’s a good thing I have Marianne to push me to do things I never thought possible.

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