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The Risk of Flawed Market Segmentation

Updated: Apr 21, 2019

Email marketing communications are wasteful if they’re not correctly targeted.

Content should be created with a message that is intended for a specific audience, which is usually a segment of your full target population.

Zero Segmentation

There is no value in an email “blast.” If this is your email strategy, it’s time to update your marketing plan. Regardless of the market(s) you sell to, there is no one message that could be compelling and motivating to every person on your list. Think about the onslaught of messages you receive every day.

What makes you open an email?

What further makes you click on a link to an article within it? An intriguing subject line. But what made that particular subject line and link title catch your interest? Obviously, it was something to which you relate, something you need to know more about.

What risks do you run by sending a blanket email to all the contacts on your list? You’ll have a lot of uninterested recipients. That in itself is pretty serious. Prospects will think you aren’t smart enough to understand their needs, and your clients will be discouraged to read how little you care to send them relevant information. Eventually these riled-up recipients can harm your email marketing efforts.

  • They will unsubscribe. You’ll forever lose the opportunity to communicate with these prospects.

  • Worse, your un-touched messages will be deemed spam by the recipient’s email provider. This stigma will block future messages from reaching their inbox, lowering your deliverability rates.

  • The campaign will have poor KPI results, which will not bode well with upper management.

Uber Segmentation

It is possible to go to segmentation extremes. In other words, dividing your email into too many groups. Email is inexpensive, but you should not over-complicate it with elaborate list segments and hours spent writing unnecessary email variations. Your time is money. Yes, management will be thrilled with your high open and click rates, but at what cost?

Excessive segmentation could result in missed opportunities. Many times, segments do not exist in silos, and there can be significant overlap. You run the risk of sending a recipient the wrong message or excluding a viable prospect from your list. These great campaign results will not reflect the lost sales!

A word of caution: be sure your list data is accurate and complete when using specialized target groups!

Spot-on Segmentation

You should be able to determine what segmentation will work best for your business. Keep all the information you learn about prospects in your list database, but use it wisely. Send out timely messages that resonate. Remember that you don’t have to blast to all your contacts at one time, nor is it necessary to apportion campaigns into unmanageable segments.

As your list evolves, it’s possible that you’ll see growth or decline in certain segments, or perhaps a new persona will emerge. If this happens, determine whether it’s due to your messaging or a shift in the market. Either way, take action.

If your list data segmentation is spot on and you consistently review campaign results, your email marketing will reflect these efforts.

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