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Spring Cleaning: 5 Steps to a Rejuvenated Brand Profile

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Who doesn't love the spring? Every day your surroundings are transforming in ways that affect all your senses - visual and audible transformations, exhilarating fragrances, and soon you’ll be tasting the first fruits of the season.

Most people use the New Year to set goals and recharge themselves. If you’re one of them, this means you haven’t looked at your digital personality in four months! Why don’t you take some time during the season of rebirth to revitalize your brand? Here are 5 easy steps you can follow during the upcoming long, hot days that will enhance your professional profile and allow you to face your audience with cool confidence.

Step #1: You should be monitoring your name and the name of your business online. If you haven’t googled yourself since New Year’s Day, take a look right now. If you find anything less than an enthusiastic endorsement, you can take steps for credibility damage control. Respond to comments and questions with honesty and compassion for the writer’s problem – never be defensive or accusing. That is the only thing worse than no response at all.

Before moving on to Step #2, dig deep and clean up any digital litter your may have accumulated. Turn on notifications for all your social profiles so you’ll know when people comment on one of your posts. Set up a Google alert for your business name, your personal name, and the names of your employees. Even with this, I recommend setting a reminder for a weekly Google check on any topics, products, or current events in which you may be involved. It’s also a great way to keep track of your competitors and to find ideas and links for blog or social post topics.

Step #2: If your deep digital cleaning took hours, let that be a lesson for the future. And it should be the last time you have such an experience. As a professional, everything you do online has a consequence. If your business name includes your given name, as many small businesses do, be cautious about your blogs, article comments, and all social posts. For those questionable posts where friends “tag” you – remember that you don’t have to add their tag to your timeline. And need I say – no politics. That has always been a general recommendation, but in our current culture nothing good could come from a politically-charged post regardless of which “side” you’re on.

Step #3: Write a personal bio that best defines you. First, determine what “voice” you want to convey. Think about the character and tone of you and your brand. Is it warm and personable, or resounding and confident? Make sure all of your communications and everything you write beyond the bio are consistent with your brand image. And don’t be afraid to brag a little about your accomplishments. Just be sure it’s done tastefully and truthfully.

Step #4: If you already have a bio, make updates that include new events or accomplishments. If necessary, repair it to fit the standard format that works best for most digital bios. You may think it’s clever to be distinctive, and you’re not wrong. But be unique in your word choices and the items you choose to include; not with the tried-and-true format. Your bio should always start with your name. It should be written in the third person. Put important things first, and end with a personal note, such as an interest, your home or business town, and perhaps a mention of your family.

Step #5: Each bio placement should be targeted to your audience, whether it’s on a social media profile, your website “about” page, or for your employment or affiliation site. Consider the reader persona and tweak the content to make it compelling to that reader.

May is a great month to blossom and share your striking reputation with your audience.

Happy Spring!

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